Passover Seder with US Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken

Pic: The passover seder (dinner) held by Yayasan Eits Chaim Indonesia had the privilege to host US Deputy of State, Antony Blinken (picture taken by the US embassy photografer).

Yayasan Eits Chaim Indonesia organized a Passover dinner, also known as “seder pesach” in Hebrew. It was led by Rabbi Tovia Singer, and attended by several public figures in Indonesia from different religious background.

Some of the VIP guests were the Chairman of Ikatan Mubaligh Seluruh Indonesia, K.H. Yayan Hendrayana, and his General Secretary, Drs. Zawawi Suat S.H. The guest of honor came with the team of the United States Embassy for Jakarta – US Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who happens to be Jewish.

Passover lasted for 4.5 hours on the 15 Nissan 5776 of the Hebrew calender, corresponding to the 22nd of April 2016 in the common calendar. Before the lighting of the holy day candle, Rabbi Tovia Singer taught non-Jewish audience on what Passover is all about and what it means in Judaism.

Kosher meat, kosher grape juice and wine, as well as the Hebrew matzah (unleavened bread) was imported from Singapore and America, with the help of friends of Eits Chaim. Dinner was prepared by the team of Eits Chaim and kosher supervised by Rabbi Tovia Singer himself – consisting of chicken soup with matza ball, Yemenite beef stew and fruit cup for dessert.

Pesach Collage

The VIP guests of the Passover Seder attracted the local and international media who covered the story:

The event was also covered by international news agencies such as Reuters which was quoted and distributed by online and TV channels such as,, dan Huffington Post dst. Berita-berita internasional dapat dibaca di sini:

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Bahkan Wakil Menteri Luar Negeri AS, Tony Blinken, men-Twit mengenai acara tersebut dengan foto yang diambil oleh fotografer Kedutaan Besar AS.

Blinken Twit

Video coverage by Reuters:

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